“Circus Folks and Village Freaks” Book Review

Title: Circus folks and village freaks

Author: Aparna Upadhyaya Sanyal


Genre: Poetry

The book contains 18 twisted tales exploring different themes. The themes are just incredible! The poet does have an unique way to express her feelings in this books! This book has a deep impact on it’s readers, the reader would question upon himself. The poet had a diverse style on explaining about humanity. The feelings like anger, love, hurt are expressed beautifully.

The book tells us about the inhumane acts done by us, tells us how we can find our purpose, the stories of bizzare people find their purpose. The books really gives a new perspective to the reader. The topics like destruction, re-emergement, etc. gives us new perspectives!

This book made me cry at several moments, the writing style is deep!

I personally loved the poem ” Sita and Gita, The Siamese Twins”. The books has beautiful illustrations which can charm the reader easily! The best part of the book is that the metaphors are used well! It’s a must read 🙂


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