Why was I inactive from 2 months

Hey beauties! I am doing a personal post for the first time. It is a kinda self reflecting post for my progress! ( and a photo dump :p)

Last two months have been pretty happy–go–lucky for me. 5 months earlier, I was a lot going in my personal life, it felt as if my little world was collapsing but since then I have explored a lot of new things, which have filled my heart with contentment ♡


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My sister got married in the last two months and I was more than escited during the whole time! :))

My birthday was on 26 July and it went great♡ My mum and my sister suprised me with a book themed cake


From the past few weeks, I’ve been exploring new things and nothing can be better than this 🙂


Thanks a ton for reading and supporting, I am now back and better ♡


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