Nomad and His Rhymes Book Review


Title: Nomad and His Rhymes
Pages: 116
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Notion Press


The book explains different aspects of love. The journey of twin flames. I am a huge fan of poetry . The poet has described every aspect in very less words and at the same time managed to convey what he wanted. As a poetry lover, I love deep meaning poems which leave an impact on the reader where the reader connects with the words but I do not appreciate the book at this point and if you like deep meaning poems then this is not a perfect read for you. On the other hand,if you are starting to read poetry or want simple poems with emotions it is perfect. I have mixed feelings about this book. The whole book is flooded with emotions taking you through a journey of love. Its short and beautiful♡♡



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  1. anupamnayal says:

    Is it a free verse?


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