Prelude Book Review

Title: Prelude
Author: Swarup Talukdar
Genre: Short Stories


The book is a collection of 5 different short stories-‘The Curse”, “Who was he?”,”Lost”, “The Gone Girl”, “The Girl I wished I never loved”.It is the first book in the series of “The sign of Five”
The curse discusses the journey of a schoolgirl on an excursion facing unusual circumstances. The plot of the story is quite gripping. It displays the fear and the pain of the main protagonist Sneha beautifully. The theme of the story is astounding.
“Who was he?” revolves around who Arun who finds himself stuck in a weird situation and how he is affected by that. It discusses some supernatural events.
“Lost” revolves around Arijit trying to figure out how he landed in an accident and roams around streets to find answers to all his questions.
“The Gone Girl” revolves around “Shreya”, a teenage girl experiencing love an relationships. Though the situations are displayed nicely at some points I thought the situations were a little dramatic. I felt like the protagonist was taking some stupid decisions.
“The Girl I wished I never loved” discusses the true events in author’s life.

Each story leaves the reader with questions. Author has done great work putting the thrill in the stories.♡



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