Unanswered Prayers by Khushwant Singh Book Review

Title: Unanswered Prayers
The book explains answers to all of those questions beautifully.It is a quick read but it will explain and change your perspective on why are you not able to be succesful.The book revolves around the main charachter ”Khushwant” on a trip with God.The main charachter is a reflection of every human, who blames someone else for their own mistake and never try to learn from their mistake. The plot is amazing and the whole idea of the plot of atrip with God is astounding. The book can answer the questions to those who think they are unlucky and are not blessed.

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  1. Really beautiful 😍 review

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    1. thatreaderbee says:

      Thanks ♡


      1. Welcome 😉 ♥ baccha 😋

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