van gogh and romanticism

hi, i wrote this newsletter a year ago and Van Gogh and romanticizing pain.

I hope you are well and taking care. 🙂
Vincent Van Gogh, a Dutch painter known for his artworks and poetries ate yellow paint to “feel happy”. People view yellow colour as brightness, happiness and beauty. People thought it was poetic and beautiful to eat yellow paint as if it would colour his insides bright and colourful, fill him with happiness. 

“Everyone has their yellow paint.”-Van Gogh

He didn’t eat the paint to feel happy instead as his physician told he wanted to poison himself by eating it. It didn’t fill his insides with colour and brightness. At the age of 37, he shot himself.

Pain isn’t beautiful. It’s easy to see pain as beautiful; to look at the art created when in pain and identify it as beautiful. But it isn’t. Mental illness isn’t aesthetic. It is raw. It is ugly. It isn’t any “beautiful flaw” or any “beautiful scar”.There’s nothing beautiful about looking at yourself and hating every bit of you; to hurt yourself; to feel like you’ll fall if you take another step; to be scared.

And to everyone who feels this,Hi. I may not know you but trust me, you’ll get through it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but things will get better. It’s okay if you aren’t happy right now. Being sad isn’t wrong. You’ll find things worth staying for, please, just hold on.I love you. All the best.

Take care,
With Love,
Avni Jain x.

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