#BlogchatterA2Z: A Letter To: the One Scared To Fall In Love

To the one scared to fall in love,

Hey. I understand why you are so scared to fall in love, maybe the last time you fell in love, things didn’t lead how you wanted them to. I understand how you fear love, to be open, to be vulnerable and then get hurt. You have every right to be scared. But stop running away from the love you deserve. You deserve so much, don’t let the fear control you. You are so much better than the fear which is controlling you. You are worthy of all the love you didn’t get earlier and even more. Even if the past says otherwise, trust me, you deserve all the love. We are all a little broken from the past, the right person would love us for that. The right person would love us for everything we are and everything we are yet to be.

Maybe you think what if you ruin the chance of true love because of your fear but for the “one”, you won’t be scared to fall for. You won’t want to push them away. You will find the “one” you deserve and you won’t want to go away from them. You may find the person at the most unexpected time, maybe they are beside you at the moment or maybe they are across the world living in a different time zone neither of you having an idea either one exists. Take your chance at love again. It will result in all the wonderful ideas, experiences, memories you never expected. It will all be worth it.

With Love,


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