#BlogchatterA2Z: A letter to the ones: I left.

The night I walked away from you, as soon as, you faded from my life; I heard the silence. The silence of my heart which had been broken and pieces thrown away on the floor. I went in dilemma with all the memories of you and I and thinking that we’ll never get a chance to clean up the mess we made. The thought still haunts me.

With all the time passed by without you, I want you to know there are still days I wish I had you to talk to. Days where I want to come rushing to you and tell you all about my day. But, I can’t let what happened before to happen again. I don’t have the strength to come back and fight for you. If we never meet each other again, remember, I love you.

With Love,


I walked away from you,
I burnt the bridge from both sides
So,none of us could go back to each other
Still, each day the ashes reside in my veins and scars still hurt the same.

Everyday, I try to go back to you
But,in the end, I drown
Just drown in the deathly water
The deathly water of memories.
I stay there, trying to relive those memories
Those frozen times where our hearts were never broken,
Where we were enough to comfort each other’s soul.
But,in the end, I realize,
I realize it was all an illusion,
An illusion that seemed true enough to give scars for life

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