#BlogchatterA2Z: A letter to the one going through: a Heartbreak.

Hey. I wanted you to know a few things. I am so proud of you. You have suffered every storm till now. I know it may feel so hard to fake a smile, feel as if you can’t take another step. I know it hurts. It hurts deeply because you loved truly but how long are you going to go through it? Why are you punishing yourself?

Things can turn out more than beautiful. Try to live in the moment. You have hurt yourself more than enough. You’re mistreating yourself. You deserve so much more. Start living once again. Some days there won’t be anything to feel good about, you’ll feel everything is ending but it isn’t. Things will get better. You’ll find your happiness and that happiness is worth staying for. Trust me there will be beautiful moments for you. Moments worth staying for. You deserve the universe, don’t let anyone make you think otherwise.

Sending loads of positive energy,

With Love,


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