#BlogchatterA2Z: A letter to- Dear Future Lover

Dear Future Lover,

Hey. We might be a thousand miles away right now but I believe in magic. The magic that would bring us together.

Honestly, I am not perfect. Rather, I’m flawed and am a shitty person. I make mistakes. But I promise, I would be the best version of me for you.

When you arrive to my heart, I will say “Hey. Welcome. Make yourself comfortable.” I would want to know of your past to know how you want to be loved. I’ll listen to your endless tales and learn how to love you.

I will tell you you’re beautiful when you’re all dressed up. I will tell you you’re beautiful when you’re all messy and exhausted by a long day. Because I believe. I believe you’re beautiful.

When you’ve a bad day, when you would “act differently”; I won’t blame you for anything. I’ll rather sit by your side and ask “what made you feel that way?”

I’ll write you letters and expect the same in return because I love the old school romance.

I will write you poems and poems on you that you’ll never know are for you.

When you leave; i will say “Thank you for visiting. I love you.” Your letters would always remain in my journal and our memories in my heart.



  1. ishaagrawal says:

    That was cute:)

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    1. thatreaderbee says:



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