“Winter Poems” by Sabarna Roy Book Review.

Title: Winter Poems

Author: Sabarna Roy

Genre: Poetry

Pages: 60

As on Goodreads

The poems contained in this collection, Winter Poems, by Sabarna Roy were inspired by the relatively mild season that prevails in Kolkata following the season of festivities, the Durga and Kali Puja, and portray myriad shades of human life. Some of them deal with the imaginations of death and home while still others the idea of loss and coming to terms with gradual wasting of life. Many aspects of human life and commonplace human impulses are examined and brought to life through a range of imaginations and varied metaphorical associations. The poems are sure to delight the readers and generate a whole range of emotions among them.

Winter Poems is a collection of intense poems on diverse topics.It has been divided into two parts “Winter Poems 2010’ and “Winter Poems 2012”.The book contains modern poetry. The second part rather seemed like micro-tales. I am not a huge fan if modern poetry but the wordplay and the way sentences were formed are strong enough for the reader to think about each poem deeply. Though it’s a short read, it isn’t a quick read, the reader needs to understand every poem.

The book can be improved with editing. Though themes were interesting, they weren’t common. Poems of different topics followed another. I was expecting poetry but it rather felt like prose and micro-tales.

This boy monk visited me yester-night and asked me

“When do you plan to die?”

I said:

The day I’m sure my children no longer require me by their sides

The day my queen finds me boring

The day I’ve seen blood on my hands- blood from the vessels of a few of my enemies

The day I’ve unlocked angelic faces of my evil

The day I’m no more affected by the sighting of a beautiful woman.


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