#BlogchatterA2Z: Love

what is love?

•no, love doesn’t look like the breathtaking view we get after the hardest climb.


love is the one who’s with us till the hardest climb.

•no, love doesn’t smell like your hometown.


it gives you the sense of comfort you need whenever you are away from your hometown. love becomes your home.

•no, love doesn’t taste like the chocolate syrup on your cupcakes.


it makes you love them even more.

•no, love doesn’t know the lyrics of all your favourite songs.


love makes you feel those uplifting beats, love makes you enjoy the music.

love is messy. love is imperfect. love has its flaws. love makes you love the person you are around them. love is beautiful. tell love he/she is beautiful. he/she too is a human being afterall.


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