A Whole Year of Poetry!

Recently, Instagram showed me a flashback bringing back tons of memories. It showed the first poetry, I had the audacity to show the world. And even after months, I can still feel the pride I had while posting it. Here’s it-

The night sky is too clear.

Its not me, I like some chaos.

I want constellations to feed mt soul,

I want the moon to guide me to the light. I want some imperfectness in my night!


Over this year, I have written 15 poems, few proses and maybe more than a thousand incomplete works. Who knows?

This is the poem I wrote recently-


this sunset doesn’t make me miss you anymore,

the clock’s ticking,

now doesn’t prick a needle in chest,

reminding me of you.

now the calmness in air doesn’t remind me of your safe arms,

this beautiful evening doesn’t make me go back to the evenings you made beautiful.

things haven’t been the same till now,

maybe better,

maybe worse,

it’s funny,

the art of unloving.


Neither of these is perfect. Both have their own flaws but I can see myself improving over these months and nothing can make me happier. I am so thankful for all the love I have received on my poems. I have been published in a book recently and I am currently working on new projects! And right now, I am the happiest i can be. ♡

Thank you for being here. Grateful for all the love and blessings🙏♡

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