Dear Young Adult Literature- An Open Letter #BlogchatterA2Z

Dear Young Adult Literature,

How can can you be so imperfectly perfect?

From those creepy romance novels to those books, which have had an impact pn us and stayed with us. You are undeniably beautiful and have a power enough to leave one awestruck after reading!

A fun packed action mystery novel, an old school love story, disastorous experiences, mental illness and everything that is essential is what I am learning from you. Nullus est liber tam malus ut non aliqua parte prosit (no book is so bad that it is not profitable in some part).

John Green, shares his deep thinking in his writings, enough to make one cry. Sandhya Menon, has such a fun vibe in her writing, enough to feel relaxed.

They say you can never forget your first love and I fairly can’t because you are my first love and would hold on to you whole my life.Just want to say, I, a normal teenager, exploring young adult like a parallel universe is learning how to live in this universe.


Much love,


(One of your millions of admirer)


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  2. Well written, loved it. 😊

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