All Time Favourite Books! #BlogchatterA2Z

All Time Favourite Books

1. Turtles All The Way Down

Can I ever stop blabbering about how much I adore this book? NEVER! This has my heart. I,especially,LOVED the representation of anxiety in this book and how John Green kept me hooked to the book! Read the full review here-

2. 19 Till I Die

I love the fun vibe and this book is a perfect example of it! Right from the cover to the ending, this book made me love it!! Anjali Kirpalani made me read more of her works after reading this. I read “Never Say Never” by her next and undoubtedly I loved it because of the writing style! Read the full review here-

3. On the Open Road

This book. THIS BOOK. THIS BOOK IS AMAZINGGGG! I love this book, mainly, because of the genre! This genre is often less discovered by Indian Authors! Read the full review here-

4. Jasmine Days

I loved this book! HOW CAN A BOOK BE SOO BEAUTIFUL LIKE THIS? This book is perfection! Just look at my copy of this book, it should explain you. Reading

Read the full review here –

5. The Princess Saves Herself In This One

OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS! This book is crazyy! This has so many unspoken thoughts we all have. You can fell the struggle of the author through words.

6. From Twinkle,With Love

YA perfection! After reading this, I am convinced Sandhya Menon is a Goddess!! Her writing can make you explore pain,humour,friendships and everything nice!❤️

This is my first article for #BlogchatterA2Z with the letter “A”! So excited for the further ones :))


  1. Such a vivid collection of books 📚, accompanied with the short insights which make it quite interesting & flexible enough to pick. Thank ♥ you for this list, I’m enthusiastic, enthralled, energetic & excited enough to buy these. Keep up the good work! ❤

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    1. thatreaderbee says:

      Thanks! Hope you love reading them 😀


  2. Your collection of books looks cool, definitely will try reading them

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    1. thatreaderbee says:

      Thanks! Yay! Hope you love reading them :))

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