“True Being” by Sagar Datta Book Review


Title: True Being
Author: Sagar Datta
Pages: 378
Genre: Non- fiction


True Being is a beautiful read. It revolves around the three themes: Love, Life, Relationships. The author has displayed his feelings about these topics splendidly. The gorgeous illustrations in the book are enchanting enough to captivate the reader. The author at the begging of the book suggests to not to read this book in one sitting. It is an amazing advice as the reader could understand the topics and the depth of them gracefully! Being a huge poetry lover, I loved this book, especially in this book, every poem is described, to make the reader understand the full meaning of the poems.
In the first theme, the poets explores through the different forms and aspects of love. The feeling of love was well formed in the book, especially the unrequited love.
In the second theme, ” Life”, the poet explores through out ideal life, our happiness, our choices and everything related to our lives. I loved this part of the book especially as it was undoubtedly relatable. One can easily relate to the situations in this prose.
In the third theme, “Relationships”, the author explores through the different aspects of a relationship. He throws light on both,the negatives and the positives of the relationships which makes it more mesmerizing!
The elegance of this book lies in the simplicity of the words! The cover and the title are appropriate for the book. Recommended to all the poetry and prose lovers



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