“Sannaz” by Sagar Datta Book Review


Title: Sannaz

Author: Sagar Datta

Pages: 270

Genre: Poetry


Sannaz is a composition of shyaris of hindi and urdu. There themes revolve around love, relationships,friendships and heartbreak. they are presented in a beautiful way. The shyaris have a mordern touch to them. They are presented in simple language and yet have depth in them,they are elegant and leaves a deep impact on the reader. This book can be a good weekend read. It is a quick read.The cover can easily attract the reader. The title “sannaz” meaning “full of grace” justifies the book. Some of my favourites were: “Waade”,”Dosti”,”Safha”,”Toh Kya Hua”,”Noor”, “Zamana Kharab Hai”,”Kisi Ki Zindagi”,”khoobseerat”,”Unhone Pucha”, “Jo Paas Yun Hai Mere”, “Kaas Kuch Aisa Ho Jaye”, “Koi Kaise Tujhe Samajhata”, ” Aab-e-Chashm”, “Jinse tu mila hai ab tak”, “Kyu zindagi ko dhuyein mein udate ho roz”,”Teri Dosti Hum”



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