“When Broken Hearts Meet” by Arushi Vats Book Review

Title: When The Broken Hearts Meet
Author: Arushi Vats
Genre: Romance


The book revolves around two main characters- Avanti and Suhaas. As the title suggests the story tells about the characters who are haunted by their glimpses of pasts. The story discusses how they get to know each other, how they met, how they fell in love. It had many twists and turns but was a little dramatized. The hostel life and little glimpses from Avanti’s diary were displayed well. I felt that the characters could have been better and introduced well. Avanti, was at most of the time scared and weak, often trying to avoid situations rather than dealing with them which resulted in unfotunate events in the future. The friendship wasn’t displayed well. Poorvi, who was once “best friend” of Avanti ended up disturbing her. At some points, the book overdramatized some situations. “Because right now I was in the arms of a man with whom I felt safe and protected” This line is spoken by Avanti when they met for the second time.
“Ignore her, she’s like this” Suhaas is addressing his sister in this line and WHO SAYS ABOUT THEIR SISTER LIKE THAT?

Overall, the book was a little disappointing for me



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