“Endurer: A Rape Story” Book Review

Title: Endurer: A Rape Story

Author: Kapil Raj


Publisher: Write India

As the title suggests,the book revolves around the circumstances and the aftermath of rape faced by the protagonist Palak. While the book discusses mainly about Palak, it also discusses about people who have faced rape even in more uncertain way. It tells how it difficult rather disastorous for someone who is facing unusual circumstances. The story is heart wrenching. The writing style is amazing as being easy it is also effective, as one can actually feel what is felt by the protagonist through the writing. While everyone talks about how rape affect people’s life this books gives a deeper view on it.It provides different opinions on one situation. To conclude, its a must read for everyone!



  1. aishwaryarathor says:

    I like short reviews.! Good

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    1. thatreaderbee says:



  2. Really wonderful ❤ review. I’ve been reading this everywhere. Will read it next week. Also, I would appreciate if you could write an extensive review. It will help you ♥ grow in a very futuristic way. Trust me on this, you’ll reach the pinnacle of Reading 📖 very soon 🔜. God bless you ♥ dear

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    1. thatreaderbee says:

      Thanks! Hope you have a great time reading it! Will definately try to 🙂


      1. Gud boy. I mean 💁 girl. Yes, I’ll definitely do 😉😋 that

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