Pizza Religion by Khushwant Singh Book Review

Title: Pizza Religion
Author: Khushwant Singh
Pages: 112
Publishers: Kharag Warya’s Publisher
Genre: Non-fiction


I was eager to read the book because of the cover ( I am not the only one who judges a book by the cover , so don’t judge me :p)

Pizza Religion is the future of religion because it understands youth, and our youth are way smarter than we ever were, they don’t have any double standards, they don’t take bullshit in the name of religion, they believe in humanity and they practice humanity. Pizza Religion is for the people who are innocent at heart, it is not the religion for cunning people who do every possible sin under the grab of religion. So be the part of the living religion that believes in practicality of life


The book discusses a new religion in which we don’t just blindly follow what we have been taught and think we have committed a sin by doing a certain thing. The book explores a new religion where eating joints are the temples as we cherish being here and no one is discriminated on the basis of their religion. The book also questions you on what we have believed, what we do since our birth. I finished his book in one sitting and it also gets me out of a reading slump. The only thing didn’t like about the book was the narration. The flow and the pace of the story were amazing. Thanks author for the review copy



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