My Journey With Enlightened Masters Book Review

The book revolves around different masters from whom author is seeking knowledge from.Will he be able to seek knowledge and change his perspectives on different things?

Thanks, author for the review copy. The book contains 14 chapters discussing topics like positivity and meditation. I haven’t read much of mythology books before except my school textbooks. I loved the way author described each and every aspect of life so beautifully. The plot of the book is engaging. The writing style is gripping. This book has a different aspect on different things. Each story had its own meaning which is needed to understand carefully. I felt the book was particularly strong in the area of narration. All the stories have a special thought. As you read the book you will definitely agree with all the opinions in the book. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone even if you are not a huge fan of mythology.

My Rating-


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  1. Wow! A 5/5 rating…. Then definitely worth reading. Thanks for the review Anvi!

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    1. thatreaderbee says:

      Yep! Thanks for reading 🙂

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