That Journey With Him Book Review

Title: That Journey With Him

Author: TVS Prasad


Rating: 2/5

Would I recommend: No

My Review

The story deals with the protagonists: Karthik and Sanjana. Sanjana loves to collect old coins and Karthik sends her some old coins as an unknown lover. When they meet on a train, Karthik gives her his kindle to read a book ” That Journey With Him”. This story revolves around friendship and love. I felt the book was dragged. The story contained a lot of narrators. There were a lot of abusive words which I hated about the book.Little grammatic errors made it even worse.Language can be better.The only thing I liked about the book were character and how they were defined.If it wouldn’t have read it as a romance novel but a fiction, it may have been better.I would not recommend this book. The plot was not interesting instead much was predictable. The title and cover don’t go with the story.

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