Catharsis and Beyond Book Review

These are the delicate yet strong strings of a sensitive soul. Mostly they are cathartic but sometimes they are beyond that… The moods vary from spiritual currents to a passive resistance of the inner struggle through a female heart or from the balanced harmonious life to the ecstasy of complete freedom. The absurdity of social culture finds the satirical tune in few verses and some are the quiet expedition into the agitated mind.

My Review

The book is a really fast read. It just contains 83 pages with beautiful pictures. The book is just authors perspective on life and different aspects of it. The book is a poetry genre. The book contains 44 different poems, all the perspective of the author on different topics. I finished this book in less than half an hours time. The poems are simple, they aren’t very hard to understand and the words are simple. I didn’t love each and every poem but some poems are so beautiful. I loved the poem ”Enviable”. The book starts with the quote ”Leaning to unlearn the known, to explore the unknown”.

My Rating: 3.5/5


  1. Looking forward to reading this book!!😊

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  2. itsnikhat says:

    I love books with well done illustrations.

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