“19 Till I Die” by Anjali Kirpalani book review


For Zaid from Durban, it was heartbreak. For Fiona, who loves New Delhi, it had always been a dream. Rachna needs this chance to step out of Australia and her comfort zone. Tia from Mumbai sees it as a ticket away from her over-protective parents. The four find themselves at the University of Guelph in Canada. Adventure awaits, and a chance at love lingers amidst the crowds – in the halls, at the bars, on the dancefloor. Some of them will find it. But, as with such powerful life-altering things as love, it’s not going to be easy. It’s too late to turn back to the drab, safe and predictable lives they left behind. Might as well buckle up and hold on tight as they brace themselves for the ride of their lives.

My rating 4/5

This story contains the lives of four nineteen years old students at thr university in Canada with ups and downs, challenges,solutions,friendships and many other circumstances they need to go through. As the age “nineteen” is referred to the new adulting age when we get the freedom in our lives. We live a life responsibly. This book revolves around these topics where the author with the situations of the four students. It was not easy to deal living by themselvesin a new country when they just started adulthood. The title and cover attracted me to read this book and the book is amazing. This book is light read.


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