Book recommendations

Hey guys! Welcome to my first blog so today I would like to tell you some book recommendations.-

1. Hietchkiers guide to galaxy..It is an international selling book.You can read it online. It is also available offline.

2.Heidi. It is a book that defines a girl who struggles in many ways.

3. Jane Eyre. It is really a good book, it defines how a girl suffer in her life.

4.Game of thrones.

5.A place called here. I am currently reading this book and this is amazing . It’s main theme is a single question that where do the lost things go? Must read.

6.How to be a bawse. By the well-known youtuber Lily Singh aka Superwoman. Not only on YouTube but also in real life.


  1. Game of Thrones is such a good series and even better books!! Love them.

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    1. avni698 says:

      Ya! I also love them


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