a lot of my work is inspired by paintings, art and creativity around me.

i was also OBSESSED with apps like pinterest, we heart it when i was 12-13 year old. i found a community of artists soon which inspired me so much more!

i have been trying to give myself more creative freedom, learning new editing skills, photography and modelling techniques!

all of this is just a start and there’s gonna be so much more creativity, experiences and art in my content! keep a look out for my work by following me here and on instagram

Last few days of being 16.

the makeup is inspired by the Crying Virgin Mary statue!

i love to experience with poses, even though the lighting and position is a little messed up here, this was my first portrait and i loved doing this!!

i tried new props and makeup here!

all feedbacks, ideas and collaborations are welcome! contact me at avnijain881@gmail.com ❤

here is some of my old work!